Thank you to all who attended the class  (Working with Colours & Numbers) this evening at Church of Universal Love.

It was an absolute pleasure to be there with you.

Such fun-filled hours with plenty of Spirit and  messages.

Join us in the fall for another evening.

 💕 Rev. Addariah


“I attended the Working With Colours and Numbers workshop last evening, just to see Rev. Addariah Waugh in action.  Not only is Rev. Waugh an excellent teacher, she loves levity, so I was ensured of an entertaining evening while learning new skills.    The church was full, the teaching was on point and the exercises were insightful and fun at the same time.  I came away quite surprised with all that I’d learned.  And it was a joy to meet so many new people.  A wonderful evening on all counts.  Thanks Addariah, you are amazing! ”
Rev. Barbara Thornton.


“Thank you Addariah for making everything seem so easy and effortless.  I really enjoy your workshops, and I am looking forward to the next time you come to COUL.”




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