Dear Friends
As I finally get a moment to pause on this snowy solstice evening, I want to take the time to wish you and those you love a Merry Christmas and A very Happy and Healthy New Year!!
2016 has been a busy year for so many. It also has been a year of great change in the world, which has some people very concerned and others even more focused on healing and holding the light for the world, our community, homes and our own lives.
The Church of Universal Love continues to be committed to our friends and members who interested in personal growth, peace, healing and happiness. This January check out our website for our new workshops and our tips and challenges for a healthy new year.
May you be able to experience and share in the peace and magic of the season in the way that works for you.
Love and blessings
Rev Gillian Edwards
Church Of Universal Love
PS join me on the 23rd for our meditation Friday, holiday cookies and tea afterwards.

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  • Dianne ellsworth

    Thank you Gillian for being our Reverend , wishing you & the church a very prosperous new year! Blessings!


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