Sunday November 13th was a day of Remembrance at Church of Universal Love.  One of our long time members, Gaye Fullerton, passed away in August of 2016.  Gaye was a wonderful speaker who touched many people.  One of those people, also a member of Universal, asked if she could pay tribute to Gaye by reading one of her lectures that had touched her heart and opened her mind to a whole other world.
 November 13 was chosen, being close to Remembrance Day it worked well.  Our member, Marie read the lecture, drew us into the story and left us all amazed at the depth and feeling Gaye had put into the speech.  Many asked for copies. The lecture was about spiritual awakening in the world, and equality of women. It felt very appropriate at this time with all that has been happening in our world.
Gaye Fullerton  spoke many times at Universal as well as serving on the board as secretary. She is well remembered. This Sunday, even those who did not know her were touched by her spirit.
 Student Mediums from our Mediumship Development Circle brought proof of spirit as well on this day.
Thank you Gaye. Thank you Marie.
Erma MacDonald

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  • Dianne Ellsworth

    I heard that sweet Marie did a wonderful job! I would love a copy! Miss you all!


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