Sunday Divine Service

Sundays from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Connect to your higher self and find peace…

When you feel you need some spiritual guidance.
When you seek to meet like minded people on a spiritual journey to learn, grow and love more…
When you want a place of peace, prayer, meditation and healing.
We are here for all who desire to seek and find the peace, comfort, connection to spirit.
Visit the Church of Universal Love.

Our Sunday services are about YOU connecting to the Faith, God, Spirit or Creator of your own understanding and choice…

We have inspired speakers to help us move forward in thought…we sit in stillness in meditation and prayer.  We sing to raise our vibrations.  We offer spiritual healing and present of proof of spirit through visiting mediums.

Service starts begins at 10:30 am and runs until 12:00 pm

Once a month we have an after Sunday service social providing you the opportunity to mingle with our members and visitors.


Here’s who we have lined up for upcoming Divine Services

February 25,2018

Rev. Marilyn Mazzotta

 March 04,2018

Rev. Malcolm Cobley

 March 11,2018

Rev. Phyliss MacGrath Cadorin

March 18,2018

 Rev. Gillian Edwards
Meditation before service from 9:30am – 10:00 am
If you are not partaking in the meditation and arrive prior to 10:00 am
please enter our sanctuary quietly and respectfully for those meditating.


March 25,2018

Rev. Phyllis McGrath Cadorin

April 01,2018

Sheila Scott

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