Those of us who attended The personal Growth Workshop on Saturday Nov.4th now know, when Rev. Barbara Thornton invites you to come play in her sandbox….she means it. Half way through the day – out came an actual sandbox!

We learned various ways to read our own and other’s energy. We learned about pendulums and dowsing. Experimented on measuring each other’s energy field. Found out that we each leave an invisible path wherever and whatever we do. A path that not only sensitives can read but each and everyone is capable of reading if you open your mind to it.

Rev Thornton counselled us on how to deal with unpleasant people and unpleasant situations. She taught us a quick meditation to use when we need to calm down. How strong the “OHM” is. Also that we need to live in the present, to be more aware of our surroundings and the way others see things.

An exercise consisting of a ten minute walk with a new acquaintance taught us how to read character.

This was a mini version of her usual three day workshop, with fun and interactive exercises. I think all who attended would like to see more.

We ended the day with a beautiful, group healing circle.

Thank you, Rev. Thornton
Erma MacDonald

“Taking part in Barbara’s Personal Growth workshop added to my spiritual and emotional tool bag.  Rev. Thorton’s facilitation style put me at ease and allowed me to fully immerse my-self in the program as it unfolded. The activities were engaging, varied and fun. I am very happy to have attended this seminar.”

– MB

“It was a wonderful experience. Insightful, creative and uplifting”

“Awesome experience. Inspiring words of wisdom, look forward to attending another one of Barbara’s workshop’s”.

I attended Rev. Barbara Thornton’s  “Personal Growth Workshop” on November 5th, 2016, in the “Church of Universal Love”, and I was quite positively  impressed. This lovely lady is a true educator and presents her topics in a fascinating and entertaining manner.

She began with asking us whom we love dearly. She stressed the importance of loving ourselves first and gave us the affirmation “I am” which she repeated very forcefully

“ I AM !!!”.

Then she introduced the topic of energy and energy systems. We are energy. There is no fixed matter. If you probe a table to the molecular and subatomic level, you find it is not fixed matter but held by energy, it is energy. Energy is everywhere and effects can be transmitted over long distances. A thought originated in Canada can be received by a sensitive person in Australia. That reminded me of a research study my wife had told me about many decades ago. A rabbit mother had been separated from her babies who had been transported many hundred miles away from her and then been subjected to pain. At the exact time the babies were in pain, the mother reacted.

We dowsed with 2 metal hangers and proved the aura energy field about 2 feet away from a person. Fun and satisfying!

Interaction with people. Look at people and read their moods. If hostile, you can retract into your protective thought bubble. Send loving thoughts and you might be surprised at the positive response.

We walked behind a person and observed their every movement. Learn their moods.

We observed and loved the “inner child”, ourselves as babies in the womb and growing up.

At the end, everyone received a “power healing”.

Thank you so much, Rev. Thornton, for your loving and interesting demonstrations.

I love you, but I AM!!! 


” It was such a pleasure to meet the wonderful people who attended this workshop and a blessing to spend the day sharing our experiences with each other. Thank you for coming. “
Rev. Barbara Thornton


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