We had a great day on Saturday.  Beautiful weather,  beautiful park. Our first annual Church Picnic.


It was a small group but a fun group, all joined in the games. That includes an 85 year old and the six year old that I brought.  He especially loved it because he won most of the prizes!   One of his best days ever!


We also had some four legged guests, two shih tzu’s and a chihuahua,  Henry, Brandi and Tucker.  Who did their best to fill up on pizza and cheezies, as well as joining in the games.


Tucker did visit another picnic site for a moment.  ( I think they might have had burgers)


It is 17 years  since Universal had annual picnics.  I want to thank Wendy Baldwin for organizing and bringing back such a fun thing. Next year I hope more will attend.

How good it feels to “PLAY” no matter your age. We spent four hours just enjoying the day and being silly.

To me ‘Play”  is another form of meditation. Don’t believe it…try it.

Erma MacDonald.
COUL President

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