Honouring Pat & Derek Lungley

What a great day at Universal this Sunday. We honored long time members Pat and Derek Lungley for their many years of service.  They are leaving us, moving to Hamilton to be closer to their family.  Speaking of family, daughters, grandson, grand daughters all showed up making the day extra special.  Many of their friends from over the years also came. Rev Edwards was the speaker and medium. She changed the service around a bit

Our Summer Picnic – Fun had by all!

We had a great day on Saturday.  Beautiful weather,  beautiful park. Our first annual Church Picnic.   It was a small group but a fun group, all joined in the games. That includes an 85 year old and the six year old that I brought.  He especially loved it because he won most of the prizes!   One of his best days ever!   We also had some four legged guests, two shih tzu's and a

An Evening with Kit

We had another wonderful event with "An Evening with Kit" this past weekend.  Wonderful and challenging questions were brought forth.  Thank you to all who attended and participated.   We took some photos and difference between Reverend Barbara Thornton and Kit is amazingly visible. (see below) "Thank you to everyone who attended Kit's evening.  It was great to have such a wonderful group and I hope that you all came away with answers to a

Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Friends!   Today is the summer solstice and the first day of summer.  It is  the longest day of the year.  I invite you all to take advantage of the long evening, take a walk or find a bench in one of our cities green spaces and soak in all the universe has to offer.   This is the time to plant seeds and nurture whatever it is you desire, literally in the