Happy Summer Friends!


Today is the summer solstice and the first day of summer.  It is  the longest day of the year.  I invite you all to take advantage of the long evening, take a walk or find a bench in one of our cities green spaces and soak in all the universe has to offer.


This is the time to plant seeds and nurture whatever it is you desire, literally in the garden or metaphorically, this is the season where things begin to grow.


As we enter this summer season, our Church has a new board, who are working together to bring you excellent programming for classes and workshops for the Fall and Winter of 2017.   So stay tuned.


Summer is also the time of year we think about vacations;  rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.  Blue Skies, bbq’s, picnics, water and sandy beaches.  You get the picture, whatever says summer we hope you get to take the time to enjoy the season.


Throughout the summer long weekends we continue to have our Friday night meditation and healing services for those of us in the city.  This summer we invite you to bring a friend or family member to church for a Sunday Services.


Rev. Edwards


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