About Create a Doodle Doo Workshop:

What a great way to spend a cold November afternoon. Relaxing and fun. We had children, we had adults. It was relaxing and creative. Once you start doodling you forget the cares of the past week and just let go. Sarah and Amanda, put their enthusiasim and talents into creating this interesting program.
It started out for children from 6 up, then after many comments from adults, it turned into 6 to 96. We drew circles and squares and triangles and lines and actually turned some into art…we made cards and ornaments. and painted on rocks. It was just a fun day.
One of the adult participants suggested we do it again with a theme day such as Mother’s Day or Valentines day…… What a good idea! You could bring “stuff” to make a gift. ( The Dollar store has everything you need .)
We meditated and discussed the spiritual side of doodling but simply, so that the children present could understand. Looking forward to creating more family related programs in the Church.









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