I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to the” Tune In and Tune Up” workshop on Saturday night.  It was light hearted evening spent simply experiencing how we connect with Spirit.


I think one of the best things was how effortlessly people tuned into their own intuition and produced heartfelt and uplifting messages.  To those of you who have never given a message before; “Congratulations!”  “You did it”, and did it well!


I do not know why I am telling you this my friends but… I believe we have some new mediums on the way.  🙂


When we went “backstage” for the second half of the evening and started  watching each other work, it was then that we actually started to become aware of  how we work. It was great to see people learn about their style of receiving spirit and realize their places to access or places to confirm spiritual information received.   The best part… people connecting with Spirit, in a healing, kind way.  And guess what??  Everyone got messages! 🙂


Our time was limited and it was simply a taste of very basic of message work.  I trust it wet some appetites and added to the tool kits of others.  Yet most important we connected with others and had some fun and new information.


I am absolutely grateful  for everyone’s  amazing energy and  willingness to play full out, it was deeply appreciated!!


Now is a great time to explore this even further with our Introduction to Mediumship and Mediumship Level 2 Classes beginning this week.  Further details on these classes starting Thursday April 6 and Wednesday April 5 can be found at the “Whats Happening” page on our website.


Kind regards,


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