Spirit Scribbling

A big thank you to our long time member and healer Paul Pavao for creating and leading our Spirit Scribble Night.  On Saturday evening 12 of us joined together for the sole purpose of allowing ourselves the luxury of letting go and being a kid again.  - We began with a short meditation to connect with our creative energies and then with pencils in our non dominant hand, we scribbled. Our little church was filled

Spirit Drumming

Thank you to all who attended and helped make our Spirit Drumming Event on Saturday a memorable evening. We created a wonderful energy which was still present the next morning for our Divine Service. In fact the vibration within our sanctuary was so great that we found items from our walls on the floor the next morning! Special gratitude to Adele Passmore for leading us in song and helping us honour our personal rhythm. You

Holiday Cards – Fundraising Pre-Order

Once again we are grateful to have the gifted June Thomson donate 2 amazing watercolour winter landscapes to use for fundraising "Holiday Cards" We are taking orders for these COUL holiday cards in the month of November.  We will have them printed and ready for pickup at the church around December 2. These unique cards are blank on the inside leaving you room for your personal holiday message.  They are perfect for the upcoming holiday

Personal Growth Workshop with Rev. Barbara Thornton

Those of us who attended The personal Growth Workshop on Saturday Nov.4th now know, when Rev. Barbara Thornton invites you to come play in her sandbox....she means it. Half way through the day - out came an actual sandbox! We learned various ways to read our own and other's energy. We learned about pendulums and dowsing. Experimented on measuring each other's energy field. Found out that we each leave an invisible path wherever and whatever