Hello Friends
Happy New Year!!
The Church of Universal Love wishes you and the ones you love a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2017.
We began the year with an almost full house on Sunday and with a lot of positive energy and smiles, it was great!!
We want to thank our long time members and healing instructors  Pat and Derek Lungley for helping us all to start the new year off right. In church on the first of January Pat and Derek  led us through the annual burning bowl ceremony.  We were encouraged to write down and release all things not serving us (old habits hurts etc) into the burning bowl and release it to the universe with prayer, creating space for the new and positive things we desire and want to create.  It was a simple but effective.
If you missed our service, no worries, know you were in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to seeing you soon.
As we turn 40 this year, Church of Universal Love wants you to have a healthy year so you can do what you love with all those you love.  On our website you can find a new online series about our energy and  our health.  Be curious and take a peek.
This month we begin to turn our hearts and hands to helping out the the North York Women’s Shelter (Details to Follow) and we have a member’s social to end the month to provide updates from the board.
Remember friends, what we focus on, is what we create, so drop the worries and negative stuff and turn your attention to what you want and  what you want to create and trust it will unfold and as you work  your way to create your hearts desire.
Help us create a healthy and abundant 2017 for each other and the community of the Church of Universal Love.
We are so glad you are with us on this journey!    Happy 2017
Rev. Edwards

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