As promised “An Evening with Kit” was an event we did not want to miss.


” We had such a wonderful group of people attending our event.  I hope that you all enjoyed the evening and received information of interest to you.
Thank you all for joining us.”   

Reverend Barbara Thornton


I look forward to meeting you all again.



Thank you Rev. Barbara and “Kit”.  You brought forth an amazing energy that is still being felt today.
We are looking forward to meeting with you again.

Church of Universal Love

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  • Henry O.

    I feel very privileged and blessed to have experienced “Kit’s” presence. My awareness has certainty shifted and I am truely humbled by His teachings.
    Rev. Barbara, a true beam of light, “Thank You” for sharing your wonderful gift of love, wisdom and light with the world. You are amazing.

    Henry O.


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