25 Oct 2017

Create a Doodle Doo

A Family Affair This workshop was first created for children, after many comments from adults we have opened it up to all kids from 6 to 96.  It will be a Saturday of meditation, doodling and laughter.  The price is also right. Adult and child $15.  Come on your own, $10.00.     Pricing Adult & child $15.00 CAD Indivual $10.00

19 Oct 2017

Spiritual Healing Classes

Spiritual Healing Classes Novemner 1st to Nov.29 2017 - January 17 to February 14 2018         Ten

7 Sep 2017


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31 Aug 2017

Sunday Divine Service

Sunday Divine Service Sundays from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm   Connect to your higher self and find peace... When you feel you need some spiritual guidance. When you seek to meet like minded people on a spiritual journey to learn, grow and love more... When you want a place of peace, prayer, meditation and healing. We are here for all who desire to seek and find the peace, comfort, connection to spirit. Visit the