7 Jan 2017


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6 Nov 2016

Sunday Divine Service

Sunday Divine Service Sundays from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm   Connect to your higher self and find peace... When you feel you need some spiritual guidance. When you seek to meet like minded people on a spiritual journey to learn, grow and love more... When you want a place of peace, prayer, meditation and healing. We are here for all who desire to seek and find the peace, comfort, connection to spirit. Visit the

5 Sep 2016

Friday Meditation and Healing

  Friday Meditation and Healing Meditation is a healing art that is beneficial for the body, mind & spirit and it is a tool to enhance and deepen our understanding of the one's self.  Our members and guests often talk about  the wonderful experience of peace and a spiritual awareness that is uplifting loving and life affirming.  Join us for a mindful experience! After a long and busy week, The Church of Universal Love offers

1 Sep 2016

Intense Healing

  click here to learn more about spiritual healing  Pay for Intense Healing online with Paypal Select from menu Members $25.00 CAD Non-Members $30.00 CAD     Testimonials "Henry's healing was so beneficial. I had tremendous pain in my right arm and could barely lift it. After one session with Henry my arm was mobile and the pain had subsided." -Wendy "I am going back for more!! The energy was so lovely up lifting and